WAMILTONS | Wamiltons Superjet Diamond Edition


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This is Wamiltons personal Superjet Diamond Edition

No expenses spared and attention to details on this Superjet, it carves turns like a dream this ski was set up for the perfect and easiest handling with blistering acceleration and top speed with reliability in mind

Wamiltons Hood and nose piece kit, Wamiltons Handlepole lowering kit, updated Wamiltons steering system, the engine was completely disassembled cases trued and ported, cylinder trued and ported, intake manifold trued and ported, 38mm mikuni carburetors re jetted to Wamiltons specs, Wamiltons billet ADA girdled head for pump gas, Factory B pipe Wamiltons specs trued and ported, full hydro turf mat kit and rail kit, Carbon fiber chin pad, Carbon fiber nose piece, Carbon fiber gas cap block off cover, Carbon fiber Wamiltons flame arrestor, composite Wamiltons ride plate, Riva intake grate, trued and re pitched stainless steel impeller, Umi steering system, Riva 0 degrees handlebar, Odi grips, dual bilge pump kit, hood straps, billet hood latch, dual cooling lines with dual pick up at the pump, Blowsion rear exhaust outlet, billet finger throttle, Msd enhancer, handlebar bilge pump switch, Wamiltons footholds, billet in tank fuel filler.

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