Wamiltons Gen 4 Light Weight Super Jet Hood


Wamiltons Gen IV Lower Hood Superjet.

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Meet our latest iteration Gen 4 light weight hood. Our Gen 4 hood  is hand laid in house with the best composite materials available with finishing work incomparable to our competition. The design lowers the center of gravity improving handling for the pilot. The Lining of our Gen 4 hood has a wider surface area, increasing the adherence and strength of the seal. Rounder and smoother when compared to the rugged OEM hood. Significantly reducing wear and tear on the hood seal. Weighs in approximately 12 pounds much lighter then stock with air entrances on either side of the hood latch.


Available in: Black and White gel coat Includes  with the Hood, Nose Piece, Hardware, and Handle Pole Shock Pad.  All Hoods are sent in custom boxes to insure safe delivery.



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