WAMILTONS | GP 1800 Onepiece Composite Race Seat


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Fresh off the oven the new one piece Gp 1800 composite seat. The design gives the rider better control of the race craft, due to the speeds reached by these GP’s a new design needed to be implemented, the narrow front of the seat enable to grip with your legs and knees and the back rest can be padded to your specifics so you won’t be tossed around by your race craft, you will be now in control and focusing on attacking the track instead of fighting off been ejected from your seat, the long back section it’s now a perfect display for your race number and sponsor logo. The one piece seat weights 12 pounds, the oem two piece seat weights 28 pounds plus 4.6 pounds from the rear storage compartment holder that’s not needed for a total saving of around 20 pounds, this setup lowers the center of gravity decrease engine temperature and keeps you in control all the way to the checkered flag.

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