WAMILTONS GP 1800 Composite Race Hull


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Wamiltons latest creation, the GP Race Hull, received great reviews at the demo test in Naples Florida during the annual Pro Watercross World Finals, approved by Chris McClugage, Erik Francis

The new GP Race Hull is lighter and stronger and received lot of attention making several structural and design changes to improve handling and reliability, same for the upper deck, deeper and recessed foot tray design for better legs grip and comfortable riding position and updates lines.

The New GP Race Hull responsiveness and accuracy to rider input is highly elevated, it requires minimal input and is planted to the water giving riders the agility to carve ultra fast laps with confidence.

The GP Race Hull comes with bottom deck top deck assembled together, firewall, ride plate and intake grate inserts, motor mounts waterlines, steering, trim, holes predrilled, the unmistakable craftsmanship and attention to details.

Price $19500  In the pic the Wamilton’s composite race Hull in action

Contact us: customerservice@wamiltons.com

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