Wamilton does a lot of things well

But he specializes in building the ultimate freestyle machine.

Wamilton is a perfect example of what a lot of hard work and determination can do. We can tell you that Wamilton has a few more tricks up his sleeve yet… we’ll just have to leave it at that for right now, but when he’s ready to unveil it, you can bet SPLASH will be there.

Alessander Lenzi rode the National Tour and the Worlds Finals on a Wamilton built and prepared Superjet™. It’s apparent what these watercrafts are capable of in the hands of professional freestyle riders, but we wanted to go even further. Not only did we want to discover some of Wamilton’s tricks, but we also wanted to find out about the performance.

Lenzi’s engine has a Wamilton’s Girdled Head kit with interchangeable domes. The cylinder has been ported, and Lenzi also runs a Factory Pipe exhaust. We put Lenzi’s boat on the water -not to do tricks, but to document the performance. Since Lenzi is not looking for top-end speed the boat is set up for lots of low-end torque. This low-end power comes from a strong engine combined with a modified freestyle impeller. Wamilton became our test rider for the radar runs, and had his hands full trying to keep the boat in the water just to get some decent runs.

To say that this boat has good low-end acceleration is an understatement; the acceleration was amazingly quick at 1.43 seconds for 0-30 mph, and top speed was 52.57 mph -which is probably a little lower than what the craft truly can do, but we were really after the acceleration numbers. Helping Lenzi handle all the power and keep the nose down is Wamilton’s composite ride plate. This carbon fiber plate is a lot lighter than the stock model, and improves handling greatly.

The upper deck of the Superjet™ gets a face-lift with the addition of the Wammer kit, which consists of a lowered hood, nose piece and stainless steel handlepole bracket. The lowered Freestyle hood is designed to prevent water from entering the engine compartment. The hood also has two handholds in it to aid in freestyle routines. A stainless steel handlepole bracket lowers the handlepole by one-inch, working in conjunction with the lowered hood and nose to reduce the center of gravity.

Other cool features include a Wamilton’s AC handlepole that sends fresh intake air to the engine. Inside the handlepole, air and water are separated by a water block system. Water then exists through a flapper valve at the bottom of the handlepole, and fresh air is piped directly to the hull. Wamilton’s custom footholds give Lenzi extra traction for barrel rolls and other tricks.

Dual exhaust (front and rear) is also important, because you never know which end of a freestyle boat is going to be in the water. The front exhaust allows the exhaust to escape when doing tricks like a tailstand.

Get a Lenzi or Rick Roy

Boat Replica

The same engine, paint, graphics, and cool gadgets that make up their boats are available to you in one big package.

Lenzi Freestyle Replica

The cost for one of these freestyle-ready boats runs in the neighborhood of about $25,000, but look at it this way even if you don’t know any freestyle tricks, one of these boats on a trailer heading to the water (and even in the water), is pretty eye catching.

Something like driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini -the tricks can come later. After all, how hard could it be to do a barrel roll especially when you have the machine to do it with?

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