Wamilton is a perfect example of what a lot of hard work and determination can do. We can tell you that Wamilton has a few more tricks up his sleeve yet… we’ll just have to leave it at that for right now, but when he’s ready to unveil it, you can bet SPLASH will be there.

Wamilton not only builds amazing customer watercraft but also specializes in the development of center console and jet driven boats also known as “Jet Drive applications”.
We primarily work with Williams Tenders and other watercraft that use the Weber/Textron Engine.

Due to Weber’s extensive know-how in the engine component business and a clear downsizing concept Weber Motor’s MPE (Multi Purpose Engine) has achieved best in class efficiency and performance-to-weight ratios for its entire engine family.

Textron Motors has a reputation for designing high-quality, high-performing engines that deliver exceptional power for their relatively light weight. These exceptional engines provide low operating noise and a wide power range of 80 hp to 155 hp. OEMs can engineer a single-engine installation for multiple craft, while offering a range of power levels. Numerous World Championship titles have been won by watercraft using Textron engines, a testament to their exceptional performance and durability.


Custom Work


Custom Hulls

We offer custom hulls and reinforcements of the keal for jet skis. This was a special type of hull repair – Keal Reinstatement for FX and GP Hulls.


Custom Modifications

We offer customizations for all watercraft sizes and models. This uniquely customized boat was manufactured by Wammer with a modified hull and includes a Kawasaki SXR custom aligned and fitted/installed.

Interested in upgrading your watercraft or needing top quality repair services? Let us know what you are looking for!

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